Overview of the Functional Life Skills Curriculum:  This program will focus on the skills that students need in order to transition successfully from high school into work and life in the community.  The students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the areas of daily living, social skills, occupational skills and recreation and leisure skills within the community and on field trips.  In the class the students will also be cooking, doing laundry and dishes.  The students will attend art, chorus, and physical education classes with the general education students.


Themed Based Curriculum (approximately one month devoted to each theme)

Community, cooking, fundraising, laundry, health and nutrition, cleaning, careers, travel, homes, reading forms and applications.


Student Learning Expectations/Objectives/Core Competencies

  • Communication skills that are applicable to the multiple paths students take beyond high school, and enable students to advocate for their own personalized education.
  • Time management and study skills that allow students to develop individual responsibility and contribute to collaborative learning.
  • Critical thinking skills that encompass student ability to creatively solve problems, analyze, and apply knowledge to authentic scenarios.



  • Expand their vocabulary by using words with literal and figurative meanings relating to life skill themes.
  • Comprehend short passages.
  • Use time, money and measurement in a variety of real life situations.
  • Perform jobs within the classroom and schools building.
  • Learn about many different jobs in the community.
  • Learn how to find important information.