Music Technology is an intensive course, specifically designed to teach students the basics of Music production, by way of Digital Audio Workstations and emerging Production Software. This course will be based around the utilization of the most popular computer based programs: Reason, Logic, FL Studio and Maschine. To kick things off, Propellerheads Reason will be the catalyst software.


IWe will cover the following parameters of beat making:


  • Building Virtual Drum/Synth Racks and Modules


  • Sequencing Music/Beats


  • Exporting Multi-Track Stems


  • Building musical compositions from point A to Z

With the available Apple Computers in the Music stations, we will be able to use the available M-Audio MIDI keyboards to trigger the sounds and notes within the programs. Students will be encouraged to bring a USB flash drive or an external Hard Drive to back up any created templates or music pieces.