AP English Language and Composition is a college-level course designed to develop students into in-depth readers, superior rhetorical writers, and creative, critical thinkers.  Through the process of analysis of argumentative, narrative, and expository texts from various eras, genres, and media, the students will learn to present logical, comprehensive writings and arguments in defense of, in opposition to, or in qualification of the information presented.  As stated in the College Board English Language and Composition Course Description, “students write in both informal and formal contexts to gain authority and learn to take risks in writing.” Students in Mrs. Reitzell's course will also engage in online reading, writing, and discussion of the various topics. Both the in-class and the online components of the course will challenge each student to develop higher-level reading, thinking, writing and discussion skills, and more sophisticated abilities in analyzing writing styles, structures, points of view, and techniques. The social and historical context of the works will be incorporated into the study.