The goal of this course is to provide students with a strong foundation in Financial Literacy, Credit, Cost of Living, Banking, Civics, College & Career Pathways, and Computer Basics.   Improved financial literacy, particularly early in life, results in a higher standard of living over the long term, including retirement. Financial literacy among individuals results in more stable communities.  The advantages and disadvantages of credit will be covered in detail.  Students will research and discuss business strategies including accounting and marketing concepts and will formulate business plans of their own.  Career readiness, including resume writing and interview skills, will highlight the third quarter of our year.  Students will also be introduced to civics and government lessons in cross curricular projects with our History Dept.  Basic computer skills, from the Microsoft office suite, will be part of many lessons; as well as basic skills in computer programming.


Students are expected to read, write and understand financial and tech writings throughout the curriculum.


Bi-weekly Stock market research and updates will be reviewed throughout the year.