This Biology Course will cover General Biology Topics:  The Cell; Genetics;  Microbiology (Viruses, Bacteria, Infectious Diseases, Protists, and Fungi); Plants; Invertebrates (organisms without backbones); Vertebrates (organisms with backbones); Human Biology, and Ecological Relationships. The course will include class sessions (notes and discussions), laboratories, Moodle computer website (hopefully you have access to a computer since this will enhance your study of the course), quizzes, and tests.  The text is Modern Biology  by James H. Otto and Albert Towle published by Holt, Reinhart, and Winston Publishers.  You are required to have your own single subject notebook, pens, pencils, and highlighters. Please bring them to class everyday.  If you do not bring them to class you are not fully prepared for class and that is considered unacceptable!  Please be on time to class!